May we serve you….?

September 11, 2012

Loving these tiny funny vessels from Roman Britain, excavated in 1866 in Colchester. Originally meant to hold everyday things.

There seem to be minute fragments of paint left, too. Yes, the Roman world was not all stone coloured – statues big and small, steles, columns, friezes, walls, architectural sculptures, …. almost everything was covered in bright colours.

in collection Colchester Castle Museum

Elsewhere in this oldest Roman town in Britain, pigments were found: red ochre, green terre verde, a bright pink made from mixed pigments, a clear manmade blue. Just imagine such a coloured world around you…

in collection Colchester Castle Museum


…and imagine these little men looking a little bit like this classic Emperor.

painted reconstruction of Augustus in Primo Porta, in collection Ashmolean Museum, Oxford


Update: a little film explaining about how almost invisible remnants of paint on a Roman sculpture lead to the original naturalistic paintwork, can be found here.