Elsbeth Geldhof is an architectural historian and historic paint conservator.

bluetortoiseconservation_portrait_smallSince graduating in Architectural History and the post-doctoral program in Conservation of Paintings, Painted Objects, and Historic Interiors, I am collaborating with building archaeologists, conservation scientists and fellow conservators on numerous research and conservation projects where painted finishes are the main subject. Architectural Paint Research (which is the scientific analysis and art technological study of historic painted surfaces) has always been the basis for my work as a researcher and conservator. In recent years, I expanded my focus to the research of the longue durée painting techniques, and pigment sources from the ancient world onwards.

Additionally to my conservation and research work, I am enjoying lecturing and giving workshops for the MA Conservation course at the University of Amsterdam, for conservation specialists at the Fitzwilliam Museum University of Cambridge, for archaeologists and Egyptologists at the Cotsen Institute University of California at Los Angeles, and elsewhere. These workshops are exploring, for example, ancient painting techniques, the making and applying of ancient varnishes, paint reconstruction methodologies, paint brush making, and  Theory of Colour.

I am a member of IIC and ICOM-CC.

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Ehm- ‘Bluetortoise’?
Blue is an important colour in art and architecture. The studio started in Blue Town (seriously). Blue Tortoise is also the name of faux tortoiseshell paintwork on furniture and interior finishes. And I like animals.