In Rome: at the Villa Poniatowski

January 10, 2013

Rome is the Eternal City – in Rome one can travel in time. What I didn’t know that at the Villa Poniatowski in Rome, one can travel in time as well as geographically.

Let us enter the villa via the garden. Come with me? We were just at the Villa Giulia, this is just a few hundred meters from there. We can learn more about Etruscan art and society, as this villa is annexed by the villa Giulia.


The originally sixteenth century house was built as the Villa Cesi, in 1581. At the beginning of the 19th century it was completely remodelled. It now wears the name of Stanislao Poniatowski, who commissioned the works. And this nephew of the then Polish king, apparently, liked traveling. Arm chair traveling.

In his own house he could be in a tent in the middle of an idyllic Indian landscape.


Sometimes he felt like paying a visit to the newly discovered pyramids in Egypt. With the Mount Fiji in the background. You know, the travels in his house were picturesque and romantic.


Now we are traveling too. Doric columns, ancient piramids, indian tents, roll on. We love it.

Another painted room. There, above the Empire painted barrel vaulted ceiling, we go back in time. We  travel further back to the Villa Cesi. Because there, high above us, the conservation architects and their team left a window open to 1581. There is the wooden panel ceiling, covered in faux marble. There are the cartouches, as if made from sculpted gilt wood. There are idyllic landscapes again, now framed in gold mouldings….


And with this little travel in our head we leave the villa, this world of many cultures and times. Into the back street, leading to a next exploration.