Saying Goodbye at Marion Davies House

January 7, 2013

On a windy but warm November evening we flocked together to a historic house, right at the beach. Or, actually, the house itself wasn’t there anymore – the original guesthouse was now our goodbye party place. We felt like 1920’s film stars arriving after a successful opening week.




The guest house was originally built as part of the Marion Davies estate on the Palisades Beach Road. Yes that is right on the Pacific Ocean. And yes, that is  Santa Monica, in Los Angeles.

Docents were ready in the hallway to give us a tour and show us historic pictures. A glass in hand.

The organisers of the visits during this conference were applauded….


… and mini burrito’s were prepared by a young man who surely is an aspiring actor? This is Los Angeles after all?


Oooh, after all this fun we are in need of a bathroom. There are several, all designed by the architect of the house, Julia Morgan, and all dating from 1929. Lovely colours to bring our heads to senses again…



Ahem. The working day  of a conservation professional never ends.