Artists’ Studios, colour on canvas and film

September 8, 2010

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There is something magical about photography in artists’ studios. Photographs that allow us to witness the birth of an artwork, sometimes even long after the work has been made. Here, in Francois Halard’s book Visite Privee, we can visit Paul Cezanne’s studio. We can almost feel the translation of the still life objects to the paintings. As if we were able to produce the magic ourselves, had we had the chance to work in such a rustic, inspirational and artistic environment.

There are much more photographs that explore the fascination of the artists’ work or living spaces, showing a literally different world.

But, the opposite is also true. In 1922, experiments were done with colour Kodak Kodachrome film. The newly restored footage, shows us ladies, posing in colour.

We are not used to 1920’s beauties in colour; it is as if they were filmed yesterday and made into hip ‘vintage’ portraits. I could watch them again and again, as much as I could peek into the artists’ studios on photographs. Reality caught in moving pictures – and static pictures depicting the process of making an artwork. Maybe a strange combination, but isn’t there a relation as well?

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While you are watching the first colour fim, you may want have to view the early colour photographs from Russia as well. The colours and scenes are truely amazing.