April 15, 2010

In the past months I have travelled down to this castle many times. It is in the middle of the Netherlands, beautifully set in the characteristic flat land, since its rebuilding in 1665.

Recently, the building archeologist called me.
The castle is in restoration at the moment, carpenters are replacing any damaged wood, exposing the original window surface, one at a time. The current window frames from the mid eighteenth century still cover the original window posts.
Andre the building archeologist had seen a reddish finish. But, he added, he was colour blind of course.

We had a look together, yes the red was there indeed. And on top of that, a light finish with a rough texture.

“Just dust?” he asked.
It is sand! I almost screamed with excitement. Sand strewn in paint, to make it look like sand stone. From around 1700, seen again now, and it will be hidden for a long time again from tomorrow.