In Rome: alone with an Etruscan tomb

October 24, 2012

” The Etruscans, as everyone knows, were the people who occupied the middle of Italy in early Roman days and whom the Romans, in their usual neighbourly fashion, wiped out entirely to make room for Rome with a very big R. (…) Now we know nothing about ¬†Etruscan existence except what we find in their tombs. (…) So to the tombs we must go: or the museums containing things that have been rifled from the tombs.” D.H. Lawrence, Etruscan Places, 1932.

So to the museum I went. And in the midst of all the ancient luxury goods, was a painted tomb, the Tomba del litt Funerari, Tomb of the Funeral Couch, excavated in the 19th c and brought over from Tarquinia. A banquet and feast with dancers, musicians and jumping dolphins was happening before my eyes. No photography inside! was heard several times. But somebody hadn’t listened and did snap his camera. I left with a happy moment, alone with an Etruscan tomb.