But can’t you use Superglue?

March 17, 2010

A tiny little oval frame, made from wood and composition. Sadly, the tenses within were too strong, probably encouraged by shrinkage of the material. Well yes, of course it could be joined and restored. So it can be used again, on the wall, protecting the antique photograph that it houses.

I was considering what technique to use, what to use for dowels and what glue. It won’t be a major intervention but still needs some thinking for a few minutes.

“Can’t you just use superglue?” a non-conservator friend asked.
Ay, that caused an ear ache. “I’m afraid that isn’t suitable”. Because it is not stable, it can discolour over time, it is too strong, can cause cracks elsewhere, and it is not reversible… I was interrupted with a sigh. “Reversible, reversible. Surely nobody wants it to come apart again.”