A Painted Cave

May 13, 2014

This is what we found high up in the St Ynez mountains, overlooking the Pacific, and sort of hidden along a windy road.

A cave, that have been in use for a long time by the Chumash, a native american tribe that resided over all of california.



Experts believe that Chumash Shamans left signs for good fortune.


It is mystical and beautiful.

In the Santa Barbara Museum of Natural History, is a collection of local coloured rocks – possibly used for pigments for the paintings.



With the arrival of the Spanish Missionaries, quite a few Chumash were converted to Christianity. They kept on painting, but now in the church at the Santa Barbara Mission, for example. New colours were introduced, bright yellow, deep orange, imported from Spanish trade posts in what now is Mexico.

This is one of just a few painted caves that can be visited or seen, as visitors have an enormous impact on the preservation of such unique and special paintings. From another time and locality, Werner Herzog made a fantastic documentary (in 3D) that includes a wonderful and fascinating 20 minute registration of  the Chauvet Painted Cave in the south of France, Cave of Forgotten Dreams .